George Stone

4 Sustainable Reasons To Reuse Network Equipment

Is adopting reused network equipment harming the planet, as it is less energy efficient? A short answer to this question is ‘no’.   Summary The criticality of reusing capital equipment in realising circular economy has been identified in several industrial...

The Importance of SOCIAL in ESG

From the perspective of telecommunication network operators, the societal/social aspect of their ESG strategies is likely to be based on broadband connectivity in both the developed and the developing world…

MarketPlace: The Core of your ESG Strategy

MarketPlace is helping telecommunications network operators reduce their carbon emissions through improved procurement of network assets.

Our study calculates that if all networkoperators sourced 20% of their assets from MarketPlace, this would equate to a 13,684,108 MT reduction in the industry’s emissions. That’s an average carbon saving of 89% per asset purchased. This reduction would significantly contribute to the sector’s net-zero targets by 2030 to 2040.

Five Benefits of Implementing MarketPlace

MarketPlace is a cutting-edge software system that offers telecommunications network providers an alternative to purchasing hardware from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). MarketPlace provides operators with a global view of their assets, providing real-time visibility of the inventory available at their group warehouses worldwide. It then identifies the most efficient source for the product required, making it possible to reuse existing equipment internally rather than purchasing new products.