Supplying equipment for spares and expansion

  • Wireless, Wireline, Data and Cable
  • Quality innovative Multi-Vendor service solutions supplier
  • All equipment is fully warranted
  • Supplying equipment at 20%-50% of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) prices
  • Millions of dollars invested in real time tested inventory within multiple Shields controlled warehouses globally
  • We have one of the most extensive test facilities. All testing is performed as per the OEM test specifications and procedures in a simulated live traffic environment to ensure that it meets the demands of our customers.
  • Generating OPEX and CAPEX savings compared to current managed services partners
  • Repair and Return/Advanced Exchange for Wireline, Wireless, DAS Equipment
  • Shields fully understands the complexities of the Telecom Supply Chain and can help customers to achieve a seamless integration through adoption of our state of the art, intelligent and automated Inventory Management, Warehousing and Logistics solutions.

Asset management

Generating a new revenue stream from surplus assets using proprietary Asset Management Programs including software, bespoke warehousing and technical staff.


For many organisations, the ability to redeploy your own assets offers significant cost savings. Units are immediately available for internal orders supporting your business requirements.


All our equipment is fully tested and warrantied. We don't select just the best equipment from you - we manage all your surplus assets - equipment that can't be re-marketed is sent for safe and responsible recycling. We continuously work to maintain and enhance our reputation for quality and reliability.


Shields has extensive expertise in managing the full scope of recycling activities. We have developed best practice processes with our worldwide recycling partners to ensure precise environmental controls are employed throughout all stages of the safe recycling/treatment process, while extracting the maximum intrinsic value from our clients' surplus network equipment.