Global Eco-System for Telecom Operators designed to reduce costs of networks


Do I need to buy the

Operators typically use private (ERP) systems to manage networks & stock without a global view of assets. MarketPlace provides accurate data in real-time preventing the purchase of assets they already have. We want to help you buy only the assets you need, save some CAPEX/OPEX and put a smile on your CFO’s face.


Can I afford it & what is the best price?

MarketPlace provides market trends, as well as repair and OEM prices for each asset, allowing you to make informed procurement decisions while buying at the best cost available, either from the OEM or market. MarketPlace pricing infographics show an assets depreciation curve highlighting the life cycle stage of the asset.


I need best quality at least to
OEM standard.

We strive to ensure the highest quality products at the best available price. MarketPlace has a dedicated infographic showing the average failure rate of the unit, allowing the calculation of spare stocking strategies. Our Global lab data, combined with the OEM & Shields extended warranties, ensure best in class support.


Faster-than-OEM with any IncoTerm option including DDP.

Typically lead times with the OEM take an average of twelve weeks to supply unforcasted demand, through the clear visibility of assets and superior operations processes MarketPlace aims to deliver in only 4. All hardware is supplied through MarketPlace Smart Shipping which combines advanced grouping, active tracking and Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) to ensure you get what you want, delivered where you want, when you want it.

Product Data

“A picture’s worth a thousand words”

MarketPlace presents what you have available with clear and valuable product information. We have developed detailed image capture technology which we call our Capture Booths. Each of our locations use this technology to provide our subscribers with a rotating 360-degree image of the product. This image helps technicians see connection pins, helps procurement understand what they are buying and helps logistics teams understand shipping challenges. In addition to the image, weights and dimensions are provided for each part. This data helps plan for the cost of shipping and lead times. Everyone is becoming more visual these days and we are great believers that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”.


Combine MarketPlace with revenue generating asset management to produce a powerful combination.

In parallel to the Shields core business of equipment supply and professional services, we’ve created a single-sourcing platform for telecom equipment. This platform provides complete visibility of parts to an operator along with supporting product data. The result is a platform that is simple to use, coherent and inspires cost savings while increasing quality.

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