5 ways Shields can help you fight the costs of a pending recession


Recessions are inevitable, but if you prepare for it, your business can survive and thrive as a result. Work smart and find loyal, trustworthy partners and you’ll be on the right track. That’s where we come in!


Shields’ MarketPlace solution is just one simple step that can help you to reduce inventory and expenses, manage cash, generate cash and shift to a just-in-time (JIT) procurement strategy. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, protecting your brand and the environment.

So, how does MarketPlace help? 

Rethinking your inventory needs:

One of the most valuable initiatives that MarketPlace offers is equipment tracking. The equipment you need may be sitting in your company’s warehouse or in another location ready to ship. But it’s not always visible in many stock management systems. With MarketPlace’s real-time inventory reporting, you might be able to identify your needs within your own corporate footprint so you can rethink your strategy. Through our MarketPlace platform, you will also have visibility of Shields’ vast global stock as well as other telecom operators’ stock. Meaning you can identify your stock needs quickly and effortlessly, through our circular economy approach.

Reduce your spend:

Having a dedicated partner that understands your assets and your brand is key to being able to reduce your sitting inventory and your reliance on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Shields’ bespoke MarketPlace solution uses years of data points to digitally disposition all assets that pass through our locations. Shields has proven that we are cheaper and faster than the OEM. Additionally saving you on asset depreciation, insurance, handling, space, and personnel to manage your surplus inventory.

Make surplus assets generate cash:

Through our MarketPlace solution, we can globally market your surplus assets to our customer base, many of which are also suffering from long lead times from OEMs. We are not only focused on managing your valuable assets, but MarketPlace also highlights items that no longer have value on the market. MarketPlace will suggest dispositioning your obsolete equipment, generating additional cash and clearing valuable warehouse space for you. Those items are processed through our environmentally minded recycling procedures, protecting your brand from disreputable disposal methods. Shields has a full-time Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Director overseeing all our health, safety and environmental initiatives to ensure we are delivering what we promise to our customers.

Reduce downtime:

Our world-class test labs across the globe ensure quality equipment is dispatched to network operators. Our Engineering Team has a collective of 136 years of experience, adding new test procedures every month to keep up with our customers’ ever-changing networks.

Protect our greatest asset:

Our MarketPlace solution automatically gives you a jump start to meet your company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. We have transparent reporting to show how your assets were handled along the process, reducing the need to follow up with multiple sources to get crucial data to manage your assets and brand.

MarketPlace powered by Shields is our software solution which is the result of 43 years of partnering with network operators, to provide world-class equipment and innovative solutions to help overcome their challenges. We have 7 global locations, cutting-edge technical operations and a dynamic sales team, ready to give you a demo on how MarketPlace can assist you as a one-stop ESG aware asset management and cost reduction solution.

Find out more about our MarketPlace solution or book your free demo here.