Daniel Jones, CEO of Shields discusses how MarketPlace is helping telecommunication network operators achieve an average carbon saving of 89% per asset; a large contribution in the reduction of scope 3 emissions.


Following the pandemic, telecommunications are more critical than ever before, with the sector now considered the ‘fourth utility’ along with gas, electricity and water. As such, there is an increased reliance on communication networks, and we are delighted to support the network operators in the smooth delivery of their services while simultaneously furthering their NetZero commitments.

A significant proportion  of our customers’ Scope 3 emissions are attributed to ‘Purchased Goods and Services’ and ‘Waste Generated in Operations’. Our MarketPlace platform has revolutionised the equipment portion by creating a circular economy, providing clients with visibility of all of the assets available within a specific country.

This ability to view and then purchase existing equipment, potentially even from within their own company, dramatically reduces the need for raw materials, manufacturing and transportation from the OEM. Not only does reusing equipment in this way have financial benefits, but it also lowers the Scope 3 carbon emissions for the networks.

Indeed a study by Zevero showed that purchasing assets through MarketPlace instead of placing orders with the OEM results in an average carbon saving of 89% per asset.

MarketPlace also provides our customers with access to a dashboard that details their Scope 3 emission reductions based on their purchasing. This data can then be used to build accurate reports for stakeholders and to evidence the company’s ESG compliance. This data may even be used during the investment process or to highlight the network’s sustainability credentials to their customers.

We estimate that 20% of a network operator’s equipment needs can be fulfilled through refurbishment. If the OEMs can factor this into their manufacturing quotas, this would result in a significant  reduction in carbon emissions, representing positive progress towards global net-zero targets.

The next step towards creating a more sustainable communications industry is to join this circular economy. Why? Because it would further enable network operators to utilise refurbished equipment and reduce the amount of raw material mining and manufacturing.

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