MarketPlace, our cloud-based inventory management platform, offers telecom operators a solution to the problem of overstocking as well as the ultimate pricing efficiency. In addition, our cutting-edge system provides a more environmentally-friendly procurement model, meaning that it could play a key role in your environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

Using a real-time global view, MarketPlace identifies the most efficient sources for assets required by a telecom operator. This may mean that the required assets can be sourced in the relevant country or even from the operator’s existing group stock.

This revolutionary approach to procurement allows current inventory to be reused or refurbished rather than new orders being placed with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Not only does this reduce the volume of products being manufactured, but it can reduce the shipping miles accrued by stock being sent around the world.

This more sustainable sourcing method can help support your business in its environmental commitments as the industry moves towards creating a circular economy. Through the reuse and refurbishment of existing assets, the need for further raw material extraction and manufacturing is reduced, along with the carbon production associated with this process.

A study by Zevero showed that purchasing assets through MarketPlace instead of placing orders with the OEM results in an average carbon saving of 89% per asset. Further research by Shields shows that the current annual global spend for telecom network operators is $92.5 billion.

Shields calculate that 20% of this spend could be facilitated through MarketPlace, meaning that 117,834,395 assets could be purchased from existing surplus equipment rather than being manufactured and shipped by the OEM on a recurring annual basis.

Therefore, if all network operators sourced 20% of the addressable market from MarketPlace, this would equate to a 13,684,108 MT reduction in the industry’s emissions. This reduction would significantly contribute to the sector’s net-zero targets by 2030 to 2040.

In addition to offering a more sustainable and efficient procurement method, MarketPlace can also verify its impact on your business. The platform can generate regular reports on the Co2 and cost reductions that have occurred due to its implementation. This enables MarketPlace to become an integral component of your network’s ESG strategy as it provides tangible evidence of the improvements made to the company’s environmental impact. Not only does this validate the investment of both time and money in the new procurement model, but it serves to highlight your business’s commitment to sustainability to both your stakeholders and customers.
Our team can work directly with you to help you integrate MarketPlace with your existing procurement system so that your business can offer a robust ESG strategy that is both meaningful and achievable. Contact our team today to find out more.


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