Shields launches its WIRED program in North America and CALA

Our innovative services offering – WIRED

Whole Life Cycle Managed Services

Inventory Management, Warehousing and Logistics Services

Repair and Spare Parts Management

Environmental Services

De-installation and Data

As a TL9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and R2/RIOS certified organization, with over thirty years of experience delivering Whole Life Cycle Managed Services to the telecommunications sector, Shields seeks to work in partnership with Telecom Operators and OEM’s to develop and implement solutions that reduce costs, improve returns, develop more efficient processes and ensure the highest standards of environmental care. Shields’ vision is to enable Telecom Operators and OEM’s to minimize the total costs of ownership of their (legacy) networks. This is achieved by jointly developing the most efficient processes around the whole life cycle of the equipment deployed in the networks and the management processes supporting the network. This has resulted in the development of high quality innovative Multi-Vendor service solutions, backed up by flexible, efficient and bespoke IT systems and other unique features including the Web-Portal. Shields is an internationally operating company with operations in Europe and North America. We have a proven track record of established Infrastructure Asset Management Contracts with major networks in the UK, Mainland Europe and North America, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2/Telefonica, Verizon, BellSouth and FairPoint Communications. Our investment recovery services have generated very significant revenues and cost savings for our clients. Since 1979 we have returned more than US$200,000,000 to our clients.

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