Shields Works With FairPoint on Commitment to the Environment


 During 2009, Shields worked with FairPoint to ensure maximum environmental care when managing equipment at its end of life.  It resulted in 32,000 lbs. of equipment reused, resold or recycled.

2009 Carbon Savings Report

  • CO2 savings in 2009 from reused items 802,428 lbs.*
  • CO2 savings in 2009 from recycled items 241,120 lbs.*
  • CO2 savings in 2009 from reclaimed items 255,464 lbs.*

* According to data provided by Shields 
(CO2= Carbon dioxide)

Our internal reuse, recycle and reclaim initiatives included special emphasis on battery recycling, liquid-controlled waste, universal waste, computer-related waste, and metal recycling.

By focusing on innovative technological solutions to today’s environmental challenges, FairPoint is committed to acting respectfully and responsibly as a steward of our environment.