Shields CTO to speak at 5G North America in Dallas, November 15th


Gerrit van Dijken CTO to present “Road to 5G – CAPEX drivers and Legacy networks”

As 5G is being rolled out it is dawning on Operators that 5G will not bring reduced CAPEX spending.  To help minimize CAPEX spend, Shields has developed solutions that helps Operators utilize their own equipment to its fullest extent.  Our Marketplace solution gives visibility to all equipment within a group, giving Markets access to both nationally and internationally located network equipment.  Having this visibility ensures Operators that the required hardware is available where it is needed most, without duplicated CAPEX spend and further minimizing excess equipment and their warehouse footprint. In some cases we have seen over-spend range from 20% to as much as 90%.

Shields has OPEX in mind too. We recently integrated the premier C-RAN install team into our North America branch.

With all this focus on 5G, we must not forget about the current installed base. 4G will be sticking around for a long time. To secure Operators investment in their 4G network, Shields can help them with supply and SPMS of those products.