Shields introduces ‘Marketplace’ an innovative software tool built to dramatically cut the cost of maintaining networks for telecom operators

Although telecom operators provide the infrastructure to the world’s fastest-growing companies like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, with market saturation and price plan wars in their own space they have had little opportunity to improve profitability.

Marketplace’ aims to save the operators hundreds of millions in capital.

For many years telecom operators have been at the mercy of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Telecom operators have had the running of their infrastructure networks partly or fully outsourced to OEM’s, giving the OEM’s the decisions on how the network should be set up (planning & dimensioning) and maintained (managed serviced contracts). This gave OEM’s a lot of power over pricing of their equipment and gave telecom operators a lack of options in controlling pricing.

The Shields ‘Marketplace’ tool looks to restore the balance in favor of the telecom operators.

Using our many years of experience working with telecom operators our vision was to create for them an incredibly efficient single-sourcing platform providing complete visibility in sourcing assets needed to build and maintain networks.

The ultimate cost efficiency is delivered through researching five core areas in priority:

  1. Local Assets in Country
  2. Group Assets
  3. Market Availability
  4. Repair Options
  5. OEM New

Shields ‘Marketplace’ tool gives the operator full transparency of the assets available.

Data points on the desired asset(s) include a 3D image, pictures, technical data, weights and dimensions, supply availability and pricing data. This data will provide the most economical solution.

Shields manage redeploying equipment internally which is normally the most cost-effective solution, followed by using spares held in stock by the operator.

Often network operators have the spare(s) they require in their local country or in another group company, despite this because of lack of visibility instead of locating the spare they take the most expensive option and buy from the OEM regardless of having many of these spares in stock.

It has often been reported to Shields by the telecoms operators that they have warehouses in many countries, but they are managed independently and therefore not using the first two options listed above.

Shields can simply facilitate the movement of the spare(s) or fulfill the collecting, testing, shipping (including dealing with transfer pricing) and delivery through its ‘Marketplace’ tool.

Daniel Jones, CEO, stated ‘Marketplace brings the ultimate pricing efficiency to telecom operators in maintaining their networks, handing the control of pricing back to the telecom operators and providing the tool needed for increased profitability in this highly competitive market.’

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