Are you experiencing longer times from OEMs?

Are you experiencing longer than usual lead times from your hardware suppliers? You are not alone. The combination of limited capacity in the global logistics network, shortages in chipsets for semiconductors, and a decrease in raw materials have created backlogs in the manufacturing and delivery of everything from new cars to network hardware used in the communications industry.

Shields is here to help!

Are you experiencing longer lead times from OEM’s?

Factors caused by the recent pandemic meant a lot of industries slowed down production, including microchip manufacturers. Now that demand for parts is on the rise again the shortage of supply is causing a major increase in lead times. Increasing production to meet the rising demand is going to take time, after all, many other industries, and products outside of telecom rely on these microchips.

What telecoms equipment is affected?

It is tough to say exactly which telecom equipment is most negatively affected by this shortage. Here at Shields, we have seen lead times from OEMs for 3G, 4G and 5G, Fixed line, access, IP Core as well as CPE Equipment reach anywhere from 20 to 52 weeks.

How to avoid long lead times.


Global excess of telecom network equipment

Our global sales and procurement teams in combination with our strategically located warehouse locations help mitigate longer than usual lead times and keep your projects on track.

Strategic stocking of assets in high demand and over 40 years of experience sourcing telecoms network infrastructure equipment puts Shields as the go-to source for hard-to-find equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment quicker, at a lower cost and with higher quality than the competition.

Strategic stocking means we may already have what you are looking for.

All equipment sold is passed through our world-class test labs and comes with at least a 12-month warranty for end-users.

Reuse what you already own.

Beyond our ability to source equipment for you, we have been dedicated to helping network operators of all sizes, reuse as much of their owned assets as possible. Our bespoke software tool, MarketPlace, has been built to achieve exactly that.

A dedication to the environment has been at the heart of our business since the beginning and we know the best way to serve the planet regarding matters like this, is to use what you already own. Inventory management is difficult, and you might not know that the asset you are about to pay full price for and wait for 3 months to arrive is sitting in one of your warehouses right now or is at a site awaiting removal. Our MarketPlace tool takes advantage of a global virtual inventory that not only tells you what is immediately available from your own stock but also what is scheduled for removal or available from the global market.

If you have projects held up by lead times, please contact us to discuss with one of our experienced sales representatives.