Shields Business Model Provides Net Benefit to the Planet


Fact: Shields have an impact on the planet. Shields operations create 1,000 metric tonnes CO2 per annum.

Benefit: Shields’ business model contributes to the avoidance of Co2 from mining and manufacturing of 8,000 mt CO2 per annum.

How? Our business model provides a net benefit to the planet by deriving more than 50% of our revenue from environmental solutions. We have the “Green Economy” at the center of our business model.


  • 1,000 MT impact
  • (8,000) MT benefit
  • 7,000 MT net benefit to the planet from reuse avoiding mining and manufacturing

That is equal to:

  • Avoiding 851,498,525 smartphones charged
  • Avoiding 687,623 gallons of diesel consumed
  • Powering 1,271 homes with electricity for a year


Shields MarketPlace is leading the green revolution.

The Green Economy Mark recognizes London-listed companies that derive more than 50% of their revenues from products and services that are contributing the environmental objectives such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste and pollution reduction, and the circular economy.

Although not currently listed; Shields MarketPlace meets this standard.

Our Environmental policy deals with both the positive effects we have on the environment and the minimization of negative impacts. Our largest potential Environmental impact is the management of surplus and redundant equipment from the telecoms sector –receiving thousands of tonnes of this equipment annually -we, therefore, deal with that separately from the operation of our facilities, driven by our MarketPlace solution.

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