Five Benefits of Implementing MarketPlace


Shields launched MarketPlace in 2019; this innovative cloud-based inventory management platform is revolutionising procurement within the telecommunications industry. From facilitating significant financial savings to creating a more sustainable way of working, MarketPlace offers a range of benefits that could have a transformative effect on the way networks are maintained.

What is MarketPlace?
MarketPlace is a cutting-edge software system that offers telecommunications network providers an alternative to purchasing hardware from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). MarketPlace provides operators with a global view of their assets, meaning that they have real-time visibility of the inventory available at their group warehouses worldwide. MarketPlace then identifies the most efficient source for the product required, making it possible to reuse existing equipment internally rather than purchasing new products.

What benefits could MarketPlace offer my business?

1. Cost-effective procurement

MarketPlace was designed to create the ultimate pricing efficiency and cut the cost of maintaining networks for telecommunication operators. The software enables operators to redeploy existing group stock internally rather than purchase new items from the OEM. In addition to being highly efficient, this strategy can be significantly more cost-effective with lower product costs and a percentage of the sale price being shared with the supplying operator.

2. Reduce overstocking

Holding high volumes of stock in warehouses can be costly owing to asset handling and storage charges. MarketPlace allows network operators to view the surplus stock available at their locations around the globe making it possible to redistribute these assets where they are needed. Operators can also use MarketPlace to sell any overstocked items to other networks rather than dispose of them, which may incur further charges.

3. Sustainable Sourcing

Using MarketPlace to purchase items from existing inventory can contribute to a more sustainable procurement strategy. The creation of new stock may involve the extraction of raw materials, a manufacturing process and overseas shipping, all of which contribute to the network operator’s carbon footprint. By buying items that are already in stock, it is possible to reduce the carbon emissions generated and support the business in its net-zero journey.

4. Shorter lead times

All hardware purchased through MarketPlace is supplied through MarketPlace Smart Shipping which combines advanced grouping, active tracking and Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) for the most efficient service possible. MarketPlace aims to deliver stock within four weeks to ensure operators have the equipment they need when they need it. In addition, shipping distances are frequently shorter than the OEM, facilitating a speedier delivery.

5. High-quality products

MarketPlace stock can be purchased with confidence, with every item being signed off by our team of technical experts before it is added to the system. All things are tested and quality checked through our refurb process before a standard 12-month warranty is added to offer complete peace of mind.


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