MarketPlace and the route to net-zero

Shields has been working to bring structural change to the way telecommunication network operators source and maintain their networks for over 40 years. Here, CEO Daniel Jones explains some of the additional environmental benefits of the company’s innovative tools and services.

As well as reducing the financial cost of maintaining networks, MarketPlace, our cloud-based inventory management platform can support telecommunication network operators in their carbon reduction targets. By enabling operators to make critical changes to their procurement processes, the platform can advance the industry’s net-zero journey through the supply chain and logistics management.

Traditionally, when an operator requires an asset, they would order direct from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) typically based in China or Eastern Europe. The item in question would be manufactured and shipped direct to the network operator from overseas. What we are seeing is that the asset in question had already been purchased by the operator but the item was sitting in a warehouse or stock room at one of the operator’s other sites. If the operator had visibility of stock across all their sites, they could have requested the part to be shipped from site and removed the cost and carbon emissions in mining, manufacturing and shipping from the OEM.

This is where MarketPlace comes in.

MarketPlace offers a real-time global view of the available assets and then chooses the most efficient source for that product. This means that the platform can highlight if the required inventory is already available within the relevant country, eliminating the need to mine, manufacture and ship items from the OEM located overseas. Not only does this reduce the carbon emissions associated with the upkeep of the network, but by using the closest sources, it is also possible to attain assets more quickly and efficiently.

MaketPlace gives operators the visibility which is key to cutting down carbon emissions and costs as well as speeding up the ability to access inventory for the networks thereby reducing any downtime on the networks.

Telecommunication Network operators can save an average of 89% of carbon emissions for every product sold through our MarketPlace

Zevero undertook a study to analyse the environmental benefits of purchasing assets through Marketplace versus placing orders with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

This analysis found that owing to the mitigation of the raw material extraction and the manufacturing process; there is an average carbon saving of 89% for every product sold through our MarketPlace compared to purchasing it from the OEM. This significant saving is directly associated with the network operator and furthers the company’s journey to achieving carbon neutrality.

As with most structural and operational changes, altering a company’s procurement practices requires long-term strategic and behavioural changes, and Shields can support you with these. Our team can work directly with you to help you integrate Marketplace with your existing procurement system so that your business can reap the environmental and financial rewards of this revolutionary platform.

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