Shields are attending Arch Summit 2022


We’re sponsoring the bar at the Arch Summit 2022. A fantastic opportunity for tech innovators to come together. Find out our thoughts on the event and why we’re attending in the following article.


The Arch Summit, hosted by Vodafone and Tomorrow Street, is a fantastic opportunity for future tech innovators to come together with other technology pioneers to discover and collaborate on advancing a better future for our planet. Many industries from varied backgrounds will attend this year including, those from agriculture, the internet of things (IOT), healthcare, FinTech, cyber security, argumentative reality (AR), metaverse, GreenTech and of course telecoms.

Shields is attending in the hope that we can widen the awareness of our interconnecting reuse and recycle first telecoms software solution; MarketPlace. MarketPlace helps to streamline your telecoms supply chain and provides logistical solutions which reduce waste equipment through reusing and recycling. This helps network operators reach their NetZero targets by enabling the reduction of scope 3 emissions by promoting reuse amongst your group and partner markets. We help you to create a circular economy which will enable you to save 89% of CO2 versus buying new equipment. There are other additional benefits some of which include generating large CAPEX (capital expenditure) savings, helping to cut lead times, and generating new revenue streams.

By promoting the reuse and recycling of equipment, together we can help the planet not only with the reduction in scope 3 emissions. But also, through the reduction in the amount of waste equipment, which is often poorly disposed of, and by reducing the consumption of the finite raw materials that are needed for manufacturing new equipment.

MarketPlace enables your network to become your own biggest supplier, by providing the idea and visibility of a transaction through a cloud-based solution that compliments your complex ERP systems. We also offer the option of fulfilment to help execute the idea and reduce your logistical burdens, as well as, providing data and insights to help your network learn and evolve.

Vodafone is one of our greatest advocates as for the past 2 years we have been working in partnership on Asset MarketPlace, which is Vodafone’s circular economy solution created based on our MarketPlace solution.

The Arch Summit brings together like-minded individuals and companies looking to push the boundaries delivering innovative products to help the environment. The event provides a medium for thought-sharing, innovation and relationship-building. If you’re attending the event and would like to know more about us then come by our sponsored bar at the event, on the 26th – 27th of October and have a chat with one of our friendly team.

Here’s what treats you can look forward to at the bar too!

Book your tickets to the Arch Summit here or find out more about our Shields and our MarketPlace solution here.