How to reduce your costs, scope 3 emissions, CO2e impact and source quality telecoms equipment


Want to know how your network could reduce costs, lead times and your environmental impact while sourcing quality telecoms equipment? Read on to find out how you can easily implement a simple procurement strategy to tackle all of this and more.


In a fast-paced world that’s steadily warming up, sustainability has to be at the forefront of everything businesses do. And not just because it’s the responsible way to go; the law requires it.

Telecoms procurement is no exception, so in this article we’re going to show you how you can establish a more sustainable procurement process that empowers you to source in a more ecofriendly and more economical way.

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Why should networks bother with ESG and the Circular Economy?


The Circular Economy: an economic system based on reuse and regeneration of materials so production can continue in a sustainable way.


Going greener is something everyone knows they should be doing – but what does that mean in practice? Here are the real benefits of joining the Circular Economy for networks:


Planet Earth pictureHelp the planet

By reducing CO2 emissions related to the manufacturing, extraction and the transformation of raw materials, networks can lower the impact of electronic waste pollution and toxicity. While also safeguarding natural resources across the planet.




Reach targets and meet reporting requirements

Networks have circularity targets to meet by 2025 or 2030. Within those targets, scope 3 emissions represent the biggest share of telecommunication network operators’ CO2e footprint – often accounting for more than 80% of their total output. With reporting on scope 3 emissions set to become mandatory, networks should be looking for avenues to reduce their impact while addressing data collection now.




Mining & ESG imageEnsuring the Preservation of Human Rights in the Mining Process

Facilitating the Circular Economy within your network supports cleaner and more responsible energy tech development. ESG is critical to maintaining mineral supplies and procuring more responsibly helps prevent risks to human rights during mining.




Reduce staff attrition

Embracing the Circular Economy reduces staff attrition by creating new jobs and supporting employee engagement and skill development. Refurbishment and certification processes extend product lifespan, saving costs and demonstrating sustainability commitment, which attracts and retains talent.




Improved Reputation

Acting responsibly builds a better reputation for large corporates. The Circular Economy showcases dedication to sustainability, resonating with stakeholders and customers. Consumers often seek ethical companies. By supporting the Circular Economy you’ll improve your customer loyalty and brand perception. A strong reputation maintains trust through the evolving expectations of society.



Demonstrate your contribution to the Circular Economy through greener telecoms procurement


From a network’s point of view, there are three crucial ways to drive lower carbon emissions through procurement:

Reuse equipment

Leverage the long lifetimes of telecoms equipment by refurbishing and repurposing decommissioned kit.

Recycling graphic iconRecycle precious metals

Wherever assets can’t be reused, networks should recycle and repurpose all the reusable material into new equipment.

Reduce new production

Keeping network kit in the supply chain through reuse reduces the reliance on CO2e-intensive manufacturing.


A bit like MusicMagpie but for telecoms, hardware procurement platform MarketPlace supports you to do all three, and here’s how its benefits go beyond the circular economy.



Benefits for telecoms network operators buying decommissioned equipment through Shields MarketPlace


Shields MarketPlace is a smart system that facilitates the decommissioning of networks and both sales and purchases of robustly tested, quality telecoms equipment. MarketPlace offers networks the opportunity to:


1. Source equipment more economically, and smarter

Similar to how you can uncover affordable used items on eBay, our MarketPlace offers you the opportunity to access economically-priced, decommissioned telecoms equipment. With the aid of our advanced scanning and forecasting technology, you can rely on a consistent supply and extensive selection of standardized, high-quality parts to match anticipated demand.

Shields Telecoms Equipment Close Up picture2. Source better quality equipment faster

Being in stock nine times out of ten, you can enjoy far shorter lead times on MarketPlace than anywhere else on the market. And since our testing is so robust, you can rely on a far lower average failure rate than you’ll get on the same products bought new directly from the manufacturer. Our warranty return rate is a miniscule 0.4% compared with the average 4% of OEMs.

3. Enjoy greener reporting and lower your carbon footprint

The Shields Avoidance Certificate evidences the carbon savings made by your network on the total weight of assets bought through MarketPlace rather than the OEM – so you can easily include this in your scope 3 emissions reporting! The average emissions savings your network will make by sourcing through MarketPlace rather than the OEM is a whopping 16.83CO2e/kg per product. Using MarketPlace, your network will have full visibility on exactly how many CO2e savings are being made.

4. Reduce OPEX and CAPEX spending

Power down unused assets while our experts take care of de-installation and testing ready for reuse, resale or recycling. So you can reuse assets in other areas of your network wherever possible, with full visibility through our scanning tool that spots and fills the gaps.

5. Create new revenue streams while reducing waste

Organizations are refurbishing and reselling any assets that can’t be used within their network to the wider market through MarketPlace. And recycling offers a huge opportunity too! Fun fact: The average revenue per Shields asset management customer last year was a tidy €2,379,616.


ESG in practice: every asset reused through MarketPlace makes an average 89% CO2e/kg saving


In the 2021/2022 financial year, MarketPlace helped networks to achieve a 95.32% asset recovery rate and an average 27.33% reuse rate too.

The CO2e savings generated simply by using Shields MarketPlace to source and manage your telecoms equipment are unrivalled. When it comes to reducing scope 3 emissions and accelerating action through your supply chain, Shields has you covered!


So if you want to:

  • Address the challenges that threaten traditional procurement methods
  • Contribute to a Circular Economy
  • Enhance your network’s scope 3 emissions reporting
  • Find top-quality telecoms equipment and save some serious cash


Click below to use MarketPlace or call us on +447 1708 684 000 (UK) or +1 4079 360 025 (US) if you’d like to discuss decommission.