No tricks, just treats: 5 reasons your network should not be spooked by the circular economy

We’re myth-busting the reasons why networks need to stop worrying about redeploying decommissioned equipment and, instead, should get on joining the circular economy, saving money, the planet, and increasing quality and revenues simultaneously with MarketPlace!



It might be spooky season but there’s one thing networks definitely don’t need to be scared of anymore, decommissioned equipment.

Being the big players in the network equipment reselling market, we’ve heard every excuse under the sun NOT to buy used.

“Quality this, warranty that – and it’s just so inconvenient…right?” Hmm. Well, we’re here to dive into the dark corners of these equipment myths, debunk the misconceptions and show you exactly why used hardware shouldn’t give you the creeps this Halloween.

In fact, it’s something your network should be excited about, and here’s why.


Second-hand scare #1: Buying used network equipment sacrifices quality.

The truth: Second-hand network equipment usually performs at or above the manufacturer’s specifications.


Did you know most original equipment manufacturers (OEM) only do spot checks on every 50th or 100th piece of network equipment leaving their warehouses? Different story in the used market, almost like we’ve got a point to prove.

In fact, when we tested more than 250 NEW product families across 35 different OEMs to compare the quality, we found the average failure rate on the same used equipment was only 0.4%. And in our experience, that’s a fraction of the OEM’s.

As you can probably tell, we take testing VERY seriously – so seriously that 18% of the decommissioned equipment that comes to us never makes it onto the shelves. Meaning that, despite buying used, you can trust that you’re getting only the highest quality equipment that’s made it through our stringent quality control tests.


Second-hand scare #2: You won’t get as good a warranty buying used as you would from the OEM.

The truth: Nope, it’s usually the opposite; with competitive warranties on decommissioned equipment from Shields MarketPlace.


Many networks understandably worry about warranties, thinking that by choosing used equipment, they’ll lose out on the benefits of a manufacturer’s assurances.

But the truth is, for most equipment, manufacturers offer a standard warranty of just 90 days. When you buy second-hand equipment from Shields, the minimum warranty you’ll get is 12 months, on every single product sold through MarketPlace. We’re committed to going above and beyond what you get from manufacturers wherever possible, to make it that bit easier for your network to save and contribute to the circular economy at the same time.

Data indicates that warranties on decommissioned equipment have proven to be just as effective in protecting your network’s investment too, saving the planet’s the cherry on top.

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Second-hand scare #3: Redeployed equipment has a shorter life.

The truth: Most OEM failures happen in the first few months after purchase.


It’s no surprise that networks share this concern; if it’s older, it’s got to work harder, or it’s more likely to die…right? Well, no, actually.

Consider this: equipment failure rates are highest in the first few months after purchase, during the period that’s typically covered by the OEM’s warranty. Interesting.

On the other hand, used equipment from platforms like MarketPlace has already stood the test of time, and you’re actually getting a product that’s far less likely to fail early in its lifespan. Refurbished networking hardware isn’t like the used car market where wear and tear reduces performance over time; once the hardware’s “burned in”, it tends to stay reliable throughout its lifetime.


Second-hand scare #4: Choosing the OEM makes buying faster and easier.

The truth: Buying used is almost always faster, without any complex procurement processes.


You’re far more likely to hear horror stories about lead times from the OEM than on any used equipment. It wasn’t long ago that key vendors like Arista and Juniper were posting lead times of 560 days, and typical OEM waits still stand around at least 12 weeks to supply unforecasted demand.

MarketPlace delivers some decommissioned equipment in as little as 5 days.

In our opinion, networks have accepted the OEM’s long lead times, high costs and complex procurement processes all too easily. But waiting months for a product just shouldn’t be the standard. Our advanced tracking means we can forecast demand and offer unrivalled average lead times: just 5 days for 1-10 parts, 15 days for 11-100 parts and only 25 days for 100+ parts.

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Second-hand scare #5: You won’t get the same level of technical support when you buy used network equipment.

The truth: Reputable resellers offer the same exceptional support that you’d get from the OEM, only it costs a heck of a lot less.


Networks sometimes worry that they won’t receive the same level of technical support if they buy used equipment rather than directly from the OEM. But there’s good news on that front.

At Shields, our testing teams spend so much time working on the decommissioned equipment we sell that they know it better than anyone, perhaps even the OEMs! As such, our knowledgeable experts can assist with troubleshooting, configuration and maintenance, just like the OEM. In case you do ever need any replacements, you’ll also find that spares are just as readily available from resellers like Shields, and at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for the same new equipment from the OEM.

Lots of resellers – including Shields – offer support contracts and services that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients too, ensuring that you receive the technical assistance you require throughout your equipment’s lifecycle. Rest assured, you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to technical support, even with used equipment.


Don’t be spooked by the idea of buying used network equipment – embrace it as the sustainable and cost-effective solution to transform your network infrastructure and boost your carbon, CAPEX and OPEX savings.


We hope this read has helped you exorcise your fears around buying decommissioned network equipment. Because there really are no tricks to buying used, just treats: substantial cost savings, a reduced carbon footprint, and valuable time saved.

The scariest thing about your network shouldn’t be its equipment costs but rather its potential for growth and innovation – and MarketPlace can help you there.


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