Shields Launches Vendor Portal to Accelerate the Circular Economy and Increase the Liquidity of Supply


Vendor Portal is a new collaborative tool which will help create a more sustainable telecoms industry by accelerating the circular economy supply chain.


Shields Environmental is proud to announce the launch of our latest tool, Vendor Portal, which was launched in October 2022. The Vendor Portal is a telecoms supply platform that allows our key partners to collaborate and improve stock liquidity in MarketPlace. It standardizes lead times, quality standards, and stock levels, thereby accelerating the sustainable growth of the circular economy.

We are thrilled to inform our partners that the Vendor Portal is already live, and receiving new features and regular updates that our partners will benefit from, enabling them to increase productivity. One of our exciting new features is our AI stock inventory feed which can link into any ERP system and keeps stock updated daily – no need for manual data entry here. It is a tool that provides a centralized way of working, streamlining our processes with our key partners, and removing the long email chains. As one of our supply partners anonymously said, “the new process is efficient and streamlined”.

With over 44 years of working with some of the world’s leading global network operators, Shields has first-hand experience with the challenges of unregulated product quality and unreliability within the telecoms supply chain. That’s why we are introducing the Vendor Portal! We aim to provide accurate, ready-to-move stock that meets Shields’ industry leading quality standards, and all our key partners are successfully achieving this so far. To ensure this continues, we carefully select only the best supply partners through our internal ranking system and regularly review them. Additionally, we continuously report on Vendor Portal’s performance to provide only the best equipment for the telecoms circular economy.

Our goal is to ensure that we match the market demand with a high level of quality supply, working closely with our end users’ forecasting demand, and aligning with our partners’ decommissioning projects with data that spearheads our decision-making.

We are currently in the process of onboarding several OEMs into the tool to further contribute towards the liquidity of supply to the end-users and accelerate circularity and collaboration within the telecoms industry. Working in an industry that has traditionally been competitive and fierce, we are proud to be fundamentally changing previous behaviours by creating partnerships rather than competing. We can jointly fulfil a larger percentage of equipment to the end-user, helping to promote fair market value (FMV), carbon efficiencies, and circularity.

Our goal is to support fulfilment within our MarketPlace platform with high-quality standardized equipment, delivered in an efficient and standardized manner. Working with Shields’ Vendor Portal de-risks our partners’ entire procurement process! We are committed to standardizing quality across the industry, one supply partner at a time. By collaborating with our key supply partners and OEMs, we can collectively accelerate the circular economy’s growth. We believe that working together is the key to achieving our goal of a sustainable future.

Our valued Vendor Portal Partners receive 1-2-1 account management to facilitate their onboarding and continuous development as our partner. They also receive exclusive reporting features to support them in their decision making and supply opportunities.

In conclusion, Shields’ Vendor Portal is a tool that aims to improve stock liquidity in the market, standardize quality, lead times, and stock levels, thereby accelerating collective sustainable growth of the circular economy. We are excited about the new features of the tool that our partners will benefit from, and we are proud of the progress we have made since launching the Vendor Portal in October 2022. We look forward to working with more partners and OEMs to further contribute towards liquidity of supply to the end-users and promote circularity.


To find out if you have what it takes to become a verified Vendor Portal partner register your interest by contacting, our Vendor Portal Lead [email protected].