Shields’ Vendor Portal acquires a new partner: ProLabs


Prolabs has joined Shields’ Vendor Portal as an established supply partner. This partnership will increase the telecoms circular economy supply chain for optical connectivity solutions via Shields’ MarketPlace platform.


We are delighted to announce the inclusion of ProLabs, one of the world’s largest suppliers of compatible optical solutions now available through our MarketPlace Platform.

For over two decades, ProLabs has delivered optical connectivity solutions that give customers freedom, choice, and seamless interoperability. It serves a diverse range of industries including enterprises, governments, and the largest worldwide service providers.

By championing higher standards for technology and service, ProLabs is changing the mindset of service providers the world over. It supplies solutions that are 100% compatible in form and functionality with a 100+ OEM manufacturers, covering more than 20,000 systems and platforms in 45+ countries.

ProLabs have their European headquarters in the UK where they hold a significant amount of stock, uniquely they code and test every transceiver in their state-of-the-art UK lab to the exact specifications of their customers’ environment with a reliability rating of 99.98%.

Sam Walker, Vice President of sales for EMEA at ProLabs, said: “This is a new strategic partnership, with Shields’ extensive customer relationships and industry wide connections which will help ProLabs to build on their rapid growth, and Shields to grow this new business venture for optical transceivers. Our high-quality products offer customers more choice and significant TCO benefits when measured against vendor supplied parts.”

At Shields, we are thrilled about working with ProLabs, as it enables us to offer enhanced equipment and solutions to our customers. This collaboration aligns with our objective of expanding the telecoms circular economy through MarketPlace.

Our collaboration with ProLabs began in May 2023 as part of our flagship Vendor Portal program which presents an alternative solution for optical transceivers. By leveraging this partnership, we not only provide a cost-effective option for our end-user customers but also significantly reduce the lead times compared to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Strategic partnerships like this enable us to ensure that all the equipment available on MarketPlace maintains a focus on high quality, low cost, and reduced lead times, while preserving the reliability that our customers associate with MarketPlace.

Nick Leviton Chief Procurement Officer said: “Shields has spent the last three years developing the supply chain to ensure we have the right partners in place that can emulate Shields’ drive for quality and service. We believe ProLabs offer just that, and we’re delighted to be working together through our new Vendor Portal platform to enhance the supply of MarketPlace.”

Through MarketPlace, network operators have the opportunity to procure both decommissioned and new equipment. Our expert technical team thoroughly test all products, guaranteeing their quality. This means that network operators can make the most of the existing supply of equipment, whether from their own market, partner markets or the broader market. MarketPlace users can easily find the best price and lead times, all while having the assurance of receiving the high-quality network equipment they expect.

The Vendor Portal platform enables us to establish strategic relationships such as the one we have built with ProLabs, ensuring that we can maintain and elevate quality standards across the telecoms circular economy space. Additionally, it helps increase the liquidity of supply available on MarketPlace.

Discover ProLabs and other sourcing requirements on MarketPlace, where you can benefit from our extensive selection, competitive prices, and reliable equipment.