Unlocking millions: how to streamline asset management (and transform your network’s obsolete assets into unrestrained revenues)


How Shields has saved networks $600 million and generated them a previously untapped $300 million so far…


Whether you’re managing network equipment for a city, country, continent or the entire globe, it’s an intricate landscape out there and navigating it is a colossal challenge.

“What’s working? What needs changing? What’s in our stocks gathering dust? What more equipment do we need? Could we move those radio units from Denmark to Djibouti or are they really destined for landfill?”

The questions are endless, and achieving seamless visibility into what’s operational, obsolete, stocked, and strategically needed in diverse locations tends to be like trying to orchestrate a symphony across different time zones. And striking the perfect balance in stock levels across the vast expanse of your network? That’d be almost miraculous, and here’s why:

What are the biggest issues networks are facing when it comes to asset management?


Perpetual budget battles and escalating operational costs and capital expenditure can feel like a never-ending uphill climb. And all that unused, surplus equipment stacked up in warehouses? They’re not just collecting dust; they’re costing your network money.



Dealing with multiple vendors or suppliers can be like trying to communicate in a foreign language (often literally!) – time-consuming and frustrating. And that’s without the added complication of communicating with other geographical areas within your own network to see if assets could be reused elsewhere.



Networks often admit to struggling with limited asset oversight, but without proper visibility, managing operational and obsolete equipment truly efficiently becomes virtually impossible. Your resources are precious, but the inefficiency that pours out from stock management problems mean networks are often leaving money on the table.


Imagine if you could turn your asset management challenges into a revenue-generating goldmine that stops your issues with costs, communication and clarity from being issues at all.


That’s where the Shields Asset Management Program steps in, saving networks $600m and generating more than $300m on their behalf over the last four decades.


If you want to make managing assets easier, make great savings, become more sustainable and generate millions in untapped revenue, keep reading.


How are we helping networks manage their assets in a way that doesn’t just make life easier, but generates millions and reduces spending too?


The philosophy is simple. Our Asset Management Program provides an end-to-end service, using our free MarketPlace platform to facilitate networks to:


  1. REUSE as much of your own equipment as possible, either locally or wider within your own network group – helping networks save both CAPEX and OPEX.


  1. RESELL equipment that your network no longer needs to the wider market – helping networks generate revenue from surplus equipment.


  1. RECYCLE excess equipment that’s past its useful life securely (with environmental reporting that meets ESG requirements), and recoup the value of the precious metals – giving networks another revenue stream, always within compliance requirements too.


What is MarketPlace?


MarketPlace forms a crucial aspect of our end-to-end Asset Management program for networks. It gives networks a user-friendly portal for complete transparency on:

  • How much excess stock they possess in real-time, in any given geographical area
  • Where and what equipment is required elsewhere within their own network
  • The surplus stock that can be offered to the wider market
  • The areas of the network that are reusing the most and generating the most extra revenue, creating the opportunity for improvements (and further savings and revenue!) to be made


The MarketPlace platform is so intuitive that it can be used to promote asset reuse around the group, and then automatically list, market and sell anything that is surplus to the network’s requirements. Being the world’s biggest centralised hub for refurbished equipment, it means your network can also source any equipment still required for a fraction of the cost compared to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) too.

And just like that, the cost, communication and clarity issues fade into distant memory.

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Shields Asset Management: a turnkey solution

MarketPlace is just one piece of the puzzle; the Shields Asset Management Program is a turnkey solution that does everything from the initial opportunity analysis, deinstallation and scanning and sorting parts, to robust testing and refurbishment, carrier logistics, tracking and resale.

Our expert engineering teams work in compliance with OEM specifications, providing you with international expertise across 3G, 4G, 5G and more, with full functionality, software and licensing solutions on top too.

During our over 40 years working on behalf of networks, we’ve cracked how to maximise the residual value of equipment, whether it’s new or used; through resale, reuse, recycling or by leveraging our telecom hardware asset consultancy service. Made even better because:

  • Our approach is flexible
  • You benefit from individual services or packaged solutions
  • Everything is carried out in compliance with regulatory legislation


And all to help you maximise savings, generate new revenue and contribute to the circular economy at the same time.

If you would like to say goodbye to spiralling costs and communication issues, embrace clarity and generate new revenues for your network, please get in touch today.


Contact us today to talk about enrolling in our asset management program.