Kitting and Staging

By kitting and staging equipment before it’s transported to its final location, we help our customers ensure that projects are completed on budget and on time.

An example of a kitting and staging process at Shields:

  • Receive/Inventory new equipment from OEM/Operator in the Shields facility
  • Receive de-installed equipment in the Shields facility
  • Build the network element according to OEM and/or Customer specifications, using new and returned materials
  • Pre-loading and pre-integrating the Node in a Shields facility
  • Staging the sites including all installation materials
  • Ship the complete kit directly to site for installation

We can do this for any OEM and all technologies:

  • Wireline: PSTN / xDSL / HFC / Fiber, from CPE to DLC/DSLAM to CO
  • Wireless: 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G RAN and CORE
  • Transmission: PDH / SDH / CWDM / DWDM / Microwave
  • IP and DATACOM
  • Power


To aid the Shields engineers as well as the installation engineers, we have developed a number of processes and tools:

  • An App to guide the verification of the configuration and construction procedure
    step by step on a phone, tablet or computer
  • Optimization of the preparation for on-site installation by simplified wiring
  • Configuration files that are attached to the technical document available in the App
  • Automatic generation of the installation guide based on the data captured in the App, and retrievable through a QR-code
  • Full traceability of equipment and installation stages through QR-code scans, available through an online portal

Reduce cost by:

  • Using a factory approach to kitting and staging the sites
  • Having an integrated solution for both new and refurbished streams
  • Having all the required technical capabilities in-house
  • Reduce lead-times by being a flexible partner
  • Improve roll-out speed by pre-loading and pre-integrating the sites
  • Increased visibility through Shields’ transactional and reporting systems

Kitting and Staging​ highlights:

  • Shields have 5000+ complete nodes built and delivered​
  • Factory approach assembly and testing before dispatch to ensure readiness and minimize onsite abort costs​
  • Immediately available at all Shields ESD certified facilities.