On-site Services

The Engineer Furnish and Install (EF&I) Services Division of Shields provides Telecom Network Operators a full range of the highest quality Services. Our “right first-time approach” ensures we deliver on time, on budget, and with zero defects. Thereby developing long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, confidence, and reliability, earned through commitment, dedication, and integrity. Every day, around the globe, Shields personnel prove to our clients that not only do we set the industry standard in quality service and workmanship, but also, that we are people of quality character.

Installation and Deployment (EF&I)

The Engineer Furnish and Install (EF&I) Services Division of Shields provides Telecom Network Operators a range of the highest quality Services. Our “right the first time approach” ensures we deliver on time, on budget, and with zero defects.

Design and Build

Shields, along with our design partners have extensive knowledge within the Telecommunications arena providing cost-effective solutions using the most up to date and innovative ideas. We make sure that your new assets can co-exist with the existing assets wherever possible. We utilise drones to capture imagery for 3D photogrammetry and computational shape analysis, providing highly accurate 3D models for design and maintenance planning.

Installation and Commissioning (I&C)

Shields broad array of installation & commissioning capabilities covers multiple elements, technologies, products and ancillary equipment. We provide guaranteed installation to TL, ISO, Telcordia standards as well as the  “Shields Standard” of quality, performance, workmanship & product warranty. We have expertise in supporting infrastructure and all mediums of cabling both internally and externally. We commission and integrate systems as well as perform post-installation quality audits.

MTSO/Central Office

Shields experience is evident in every MTSO/Central Office installation project we perform. Our attention to detail separates us from our competitors. Our team of Engineering, Management, Installation and Quality Assurance experts deliver turnkey solutions in Central Office performance. We offer services in Infrastructure, Ground Systems, Primary DC Power, Cabinet/Relay rack & equipment installations, Fiber Distribution equipment & cabling as well as Signal Cabling.

DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)

Shields Engineers, qualified Technicians, and strategic partners have the capability to design, install, integrate and optimize site-specific in-building wireless and large venue Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions. Our turnkey DAS solutions include design by iBwave certified engineers and professional installation of all required Head-End infrastructure, DC Power Systems & Equipment. Our experience and quality have led to Shields teams being selected to install Spidercloud & Small Cell equipment at some of the world’s largest venues.

CRAN/iEN/5G (inside Plant)

Shields EF&I personnel installed the first six Centralized Radio Access Network, Cloud-RAN or CRAN HUB Sites in the United States for one of the world’s largest operators. Our EF&I Crews have completed over 150 CRAN HUB Prep Projects. Including; Site Engineering & Design Services, Power Plant & Battery replacements, Ground System Upgrades, GPS Upgrades, FiberGuide installation, as well as the typical CRAN HUB Equipment installations /upgrades and the associated Secondary Power, Fiber, Radio Frequency (RF), and Copper connectivity.

Field Engineering

Shields Engineering Team and affiliates provide a wide range of services for Telecom Operators including; Site Surveys (SOWs), AutoCAD Floor Plans & Infrastructure Elevation DWGS, Structural Calculations, Power/Load Calculations, Front Equipment Views (FEV), Breaker Schedules, etc. Our Engineers are direct support for Telco Project Managers and Construction Managers, serving as their eyes in the field and alleviating the need for PMs & CMs to spend countless hours on the road vetting sites for future equipment installations. 

Quality Assurance (QA) and Audit Services

Shields’s commitment to providing the industry’s highest quality service and workmanship is reflected by our investment in Shields internal Quality Assurance Department. Our extensive Quality Assurance Program is a value-added service offered by very few, if any, of our competitors. Shields’ Telcordia Standards-based program includes firsthand QA audits of our installation projects, distribution of Quality Audits, alerts and the latest revisions of applicable Standards to installation team members, Monthly QA Audit Reports – including grading of our on-site Foremen, and an Annual QA Score Card. 

Our Auditing and Grading process also serves as a training tool for our Installation Technicians, assuring continuous improvement through hands-on audit resolution and knowledge of Telcordia and Customer Installation Standards.

Decommissioning/Deinstallation & Equipment Site Clearance

For over 40 years we have been on-site ensuring that equipment removed is handled responsibly, reviewed intelligently for reuse and redistribution all with no network disruption and to the highest standard of environmental risk management.

Equipment Site Clearances


Recovery of materials as required


Protection of floors and buildings.


Automated live eHOP (electronic hand over pack)


Transportation of all equipment from site


Reporting of weights managed


Tracking of materials suitable for reuse


Safe recycling of materials


MSC, BSC and RNC Recoveries


Project Management, CDM and Planning


Site Surveys


Cabinet Removals and Storage


Earth Bonding


Cable Recovery and Floor Tile Replacement


Power Plant and Battery Recovery


Generator Removals


FM 200 and Air Conditioning Removal