How to maximize the value of your deinstalled equipment


Telecom network operators have a challenge when deciding what to do with older equipment. New technologies allow operators to increase their network coverage while decreasing the number of switch sites, making significant volumes of legacy equipment redundant and available for deinstall. To maximize the return on deinstalled equipment, assets need to be identified and assessed to determine high-value cards (HVCs).

  • Global sales and engineering teams need to have extensive knowledge and experience in telecoms to help identify HVCs while taking all variables into account.
    • Redeployment requirements
    • Resale requirements
    • Hazard removal (PCB, BeO, etc.)
    • Precious metal recovery

Once HVCs are identified, a deinstall plan can be built to optimize the financial returns on equipment being removed. Deinstalled assets are collected from site and sent to a facility for dispositioning. Based on the variables above, assets are scanned and tagged for either reuse, resale or recycling. Assets can be redeployed for reuse within an operator’s network, resold back into the market or for non-viable assets (equipment deemed not worth repairing) environmentally responsibly recycled. (Click to learn about our recycling process)

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