New Apprenticeship Program for Shields UK


After the World has been shaken by unprecedented times, Shields looks to support and enhance our community footprint. With so much going on in the world of business surrounding the COVID pandemic, we’re pushing forward and developing our Environmental, Social & Governance Policy. People have always been an important value to Shields, we care deeply for the progression and growth of everyone that’s involved in our business. This year we’re launching two schemes that will enable us to continue to bring on the best people and focus on ensuring we support social development for telecommunications careers.

We’re launching our UK Apprenticeship scheme as well as our UK Shields Academy, a two-factor system that introduces new careers at Shields for those who aren’t currently involved in the industry.

Our Shields Apprenticeship Scheme in the UK invites workers to enroll in an 18-month apprenticeship and become a fully qualified Wireless Telecom Rigger – with a progression plan to offer full-time positions after the apprenticeship has been completed, we’re invested in keeping people on board and pushing their careers to new heights. This is a fantastic opportunity to start a career in telecommunications and development skills for the future.

Were also proud to announce our Shields Academy, which offers opportunity to ex-engineer and ex-military professionals. Those that have been affected by the Coronavirus and have transferrable engineering skills may be applicable to joining our Academy and training as a Telecom Engineer. We also support military veterans, with our academy looking to set up a foundation to offer career opportunities for those who previously served our country.

We’re proud to announce

We have successfully launched and brought in 3 apprentices into the telecoms industry over the last few months. Congratulations to Jordan, Kain and Ricky for completing their 2-week block training.

The next step is our Academy program where we will bring Ex-Armed Forces into the industry with our internal progression school for qualified riggers!

We continue to hire and try our best to give back and provide an opportunity for those looking to kick-start their careers. Click the link above to begin your exciting new career in telecoms.