Earth Day and sustainable telecoms procurement


This Earth Day we’re highlighting how telecoms operators can take care of our planet by reducing their carbon emissions while sourcing quality telecoms hardware. Read on to find out how easy it is make your network more sustainable.



It’s Earth Day on the 22nd of April which means many people and businesses across the world will be making commitments about their sustainability goals. This Earth Day get your telecoms network ready to make a commitment to sustainable telecoms procurement. Don’t worry it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Incorporating our circular economy software solution, MarketPlace, into your network’s procurement strategy can make this step effortless.

MarketPlace focuses on reuse or resale of telecoms hardware which not only save you money compared to buying new from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), but it also supports the circular economy too. By joining the circular economy, you can easily increase your network’s sustainability and reach your NetZero targets. If you don’t know about the circular economy, then you’re already missing out! Don’t worry this article will get you up to speed.


What are the benefits?

Network benefits:

So, what are the benefits? Let’s talk facts! Through MarketPlace we enable telecoms operators and various networks to reuse over 300,000 parts per year. This is achieved through our quality and testing processes. It’s great to be sustainable and save money but you need high quality reliable equipment for your network. That’s why we have prioritise providing you with peace of mind when purchasing equipment through MarketPlace. Our highly skilled testing teams located worldwide ensure that your equipment is thoroughly tested and meets high standards.

Through our stringent testing processes, we remove 17.65% of average failure rates. But at Shields we won’t stop there! We regularly add new testing methods to our team’s skill set. To keep driving failure rates down. Upon receiving equipment from us we can proudly state our average failure rate is now less than 0.4%. Which we think is commendable compared to the OEM 4% average failure rate.

Not only are many operators already benefiting from the total annual savings of over €50 million that buying through MarketPlace is achieving compared to buying new. But you could also benefit from reduced lead times too!

By joining MarketPlace’s 1,251 existing users that are already benefitting from financial savings, shorter lead times, higher quality, and more sustainable supply chains you would also have access to almost 4 million available parts.


The Planet Benefits:

MarketPlace enables networks to join the circular economy and reuse over 300,000 parts per annum and by doing this it also creates an average CO2e saving of 53.6877 per unit. That’s over 16 million kilograms of CO2e avoidance per year. Now that’s the kind of commitment you should be making this Earth Day.

So how can you join and is it really that easy?


How to join the circular economy:

Our implementation teams will work directly with you to connect our MarketPlace platform with your ERPs. This means not only will you have the visibility of assets in the wider circular economy market, but it will enable your network and any of your partner markets to become your own circular economy too. MarketPlace enables your network to become your own best supplier. That means whenever you search for a part in MarketPlace you will also be able to search:

  1. Your own assets
  2. Your partner market’s stock
  3. The wider market’s stock

All in one search! Through the visibility of your assets across the globe you can easily reuse your existing assets. Or if you chose to you can share your assets with the wider market to generate revenue too.

Selecting MarketPlace to purchase even a portion of your hardware provides cost savings, shorter lead times, improved quality, and potential for new revenue streams. Which we know are crucial for many network operators. You will also be joining the circular economy and creating a more sustainable supply chain too. Now that’s an Earth Day commitment your network can be proud of!


Why wait? Find out more about MarketPlace or book a demo here.