The importance of testing telecoms equipment and how we do it


As NetZero targets and environmental strategies become integral to many businesses, governments and our planet, reusing equipment or materials is becoming an essential part of our lives. But how do you know you have the best quality? Read on to find out how Shields maintains our 0.5% failure rate to ensure our customers get the best quality.


Reusing equipment or materials is becoming an essential part of our lives. In our case, testing and refurbishing legacy telecom equipment is a fundamental part of our business, and providing equipment in excellent condition is one of our main objectives.

With the ever-changing telecoms industry, we must maintain our customers’ networks until they swap to newer technologies. We are here to supply technical support, equipment and overall solutions to keep telecoms networks running across the globe.

How we test

There are various methods of testing telecoms equipment and each original equipment manufacturer (OEM) also has its own quality guidelines. Here at Shields, we ensure that despite that every piece of equipment available is tested to the highest standards. Unlike other testing facilities, we also provide a functionality test in our labs using our live environments to create accurate results. Our testing process includes four stages:

  1. The Visual test
  2. The Power-On test
  3. The Login test
  4. The full test

The visual test

The visual test allows us to do our first check. We keep only the units that follow our quality guidelines and efficiently recycle the units that fail our standards.

The Power-On test

The Power-On test is the next step. By putting the units into the dedicated testbed and turning it on, we can check the LEDs and the functionality of the units.

The Login test

During the login test, we connect to the units using the original equipment manufacturer’s graphical user interface (GUI) or local maintenance terminal (LMT) and check for configuration, internal alarms and software loads.

The full test

In the full test, we can download software and check the performance of the units.


Our experience and expertise

Based on our experience and expertise, we can produce a complete solution for our customers, from consumables, mounting brackets, reports, testing support and, more importantly, warranty.

We have different Shields locations across the globe, with 5 state-of-the-art testing and refurbishment facilities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the United States of America. Having locations worldwide also allows us to test the units, from single-form plugabbles (and antennas, with the standards provided by the manufacturer and our own quality standards.

Here at Shields, we test more than 35 different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and more than 250 of their product families on a regular basis. Our multi-Vendor experienced technical team also has over 40 years of combined team experience in Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei, as well as other OEMs.

Thanks to our high standards and experience, we tested more than 140,000 units last year alone and achieved our 0.5% failure rate. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Shields warranty to ensure our customers get the best quality and service in the market.


To find out more about our testing services contact a member of our team today at:

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