How telecoms vendors can also benefit from the launch of the revolutionizing GSMA Equipment Marketplace


The GSMA, in partnership with Shields Environmental Group, introduced the GSMA Equipment Marketplace, powered by Shields, a groundbreaking advancement in the telecom sector. Discover how this innovation benefits consumers and vendors alike.


A groundbreaking commerce platform set to redefine telecoms procurement. The GSMA Equipment Marketplace backed by Vendor Portal, powered by Shields, transforms how suppliers engage with the market. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and financial viability, this cloud-based solution empowers key supply partners with unparalleled opportunities for growth and efficiency whilst enabling buyers in the telecoms industry to join and enhance the circular economy with ease.

The Vendor Portal, integrated within the GSMA Equipment Marketplace, emerges as a shop window for suppliers to showcase and procure a diverse array of hardware. This innovative platform heralds a new era of commercial collaboration, offering suppliers agreed payment terms, ensuring quality, and providing a depth of stock unparalleled in the industry. Scheduled lead times and agreed pricing further streamline operations, stimulating a conducive environment for sustainable growth.

One of the hallmark features of the Vendor Portal is its ability to shield suppliers from margin erosion while simultaneously enhancing their credibility through an Approved Supplier Rating. This invaluable endorsement not only safeguards profitability but also cultivates trust and reliability among stakeholders within the telecom circular economy.

Moreover, Vendor Portal allows the integration of partner stock feeds from their own systems using APIs. While our centralised email mitigation processes ensure streamlined communication channels. Additionally, the Vendor Portal and GSMA Equipment Marketplace extend a generous two-year warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction.


Empowering Suppliers for Success

The GSMA Equipment Marketplace has already proven its efficacy, with industry giants like the Vodafone Group reaping the benefits since their inception of MarketPlace in 2021. Now, with the Vendor Portal and the GSMA partnership opening its doors to the wider industry, opportunities for revenue generation, cost savings, and carbon footprint reduction are boundless.

Ninian Wilson, Vodafone Global Supply Chain Director & CEO Vodafone Procurement Company, endorses the transformative impact of the platform: “This platform has successfully supported Vodafone to reuse, resell, and recycle decommissioned network equipment since we started using it in 2021. It has delivered new revenue and savings opportunities while also contributing to a reduction of our carbon footprint.”

Powered by Shields, an industry leader renowned for our commitment to sustainability for the past 45 years, the GSMA Equipment Marketplace backed by Vendor Portal offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of both buyers and suppliers. Further advancements are regularly carried out to continuously improve the Vendor Portal platform based on our vendor’s feedback, meaning the benefits will continue to grow through our collaboration with GSMA.

Some of the benefits include but aren’t limited to; the ability to have real-time visibility of stock, intuitive interface design, agreed commercial terms with assured payment and the ability to market to the entire GSMA membership base.

Our invited Vendor Portal Partner’s benefits don’t stop there! As an approved supply partner, you will also have the opportunity to procure from Shields and the full extent of equipment available, as well as, having the ability to market with an audience of direct end users ready to order. All without any cost to list your available hardware too!


Pioneering Environmental Responsibility

The Vendor Portal aligns seamlessly with the GSMA’s overarching mission to champion climate action within the telecommunications sector. As mobile network operators strive to meet carbon reduction targets, the platform emerges as a catalyst for change, facilitating the transition to a circular economy model.

Daniel Jones, CEO of Shields, underscores the platform’s pivotal role in driving sustainability: “Shields is passionate about helping to build a more sustainable telecommunications industry, through continually innovating to bring structural support to improve the way networks are sourced and maintained. We are extremely proud and very excited to be partnering with the GSMA.”


A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future

In conjunction with the launch of the GSMA Equipment Marketplace, backed by Vendor Portal, the GSMA has released its fourth annual “Mobile Net Zero: State of the Industry on Climate Action” report, highlighting the sector’s progress in reducing carbon emissions. With more than 70 operators committed to carbon reduction targets, the industry is poised for transformative change.

The Vendor Portal is not merely a technological innovation; it represents a collective commitment to shaping a future where the quality of telecom circular procurement, environmental sustainability and financial prosperity go hand in hand. As Global operators embrace this paradigm shift, they not only future-proof their operations but also contribute to a greener, more resilient planet.


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